About Us:

Graham Werstiuk RRT 


Trevor Tessier RRT

It started back on an ICU shift in December 2012.  

After preceptoring students they  eventually ask "What can I do to get ready for the registry exam?" This question came up frequently enough that we decided to do something about it.

Over time, we've acquired feedback from current & past student respiratory therapists. Using that feedback, a large question database & the RespiratoryExam.com platform was created. While keeping it very cost effective, more and more students are using it every day for their Mid-Terms, Finals, and of course, their Licensing Exams.

Both Graham and I have many years of experience as front-line Respiratory Therapists, spanning from critical care to teaching positions, to even working in the medical device industry and administration. 

If there's anything we can do to help your experience as an RT student, or if you’d like to contribute, email us anytime: info@respiratoryexam.com


Graham and Trevor