Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use this for my Mid-terms and Final exams?

Yes, it is encouraged. Use the custom exam feature to take RRT questions in a specific category. It could be a test only in Pulmonary Function or only in Pathophysiology. Use it for the class you are currently enrolled in. For more information, see the demo video on the home page.

Which categories are in the simulation licensing exam?

There is a specific percentage given to each category that will determine the number of questions from each in the simulation licensing exam. This mimics the same percentage you will find on real the licensing exam you will take in the future.

How will this increase my confidence for my upcoming exam?

This site was built as a tool to simulate respiratory therapy exams in each specific subject you may be currently enrolled in. It could be a quiz, mid-term, final, or even the licensing exam. If you use the site thoroughly, you will encounter RRT exam questions very close to the same to those you will be tested on, which will give you a major confidence boost for the real thing. For more information, see the demo video on the home page.

Which browser works best?

The site will work just fine on most up to date browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer. It is best viewed from a PC, Mac or tablet, however you can use on mobile, but will simulate exams more optimally on a larger screen.

I've used the site, it worked great, and passed my licensing exam. How do I cancel my subscription?

There is no commitment, you can choose to cancel at any time by deactivating your account under the account settings page. 

Where do the questions come from?

These questions have been written by Registered Respiratory Therapists and are reviewed at set intervals for relevancy and accuracy. Common textbooks & literature are used to source and reference the information. In addition, everyone on the editorial team is a practicing Respiratory Therapist whose clinical judgement helps shape the questions. 

I am interested in signing up for, but I would just like to know if the questions are based out of the United States or Canada?

By far, most of the members using the site are from the US, but the question bank is applicable to both the US & Canada. The content is up to date with the latest in respiratory care.  Prices listed are in US dollars.

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