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Anaesthesia for Respiratory Therapists

Anesthesia for respiratory therapists can range from being in emergency room doing a conscious sedation, to being trained and working in the operating room as an anesthesia assistant. This section will quiz you with RRT test questions that you'll most likely be tested on future exams regarding respiratory therapist involvement in anesthesia.

In this section, your test questions related to the following:

  • Conscious sedation
  • Anesthesia Ventilators
  • Anesthesia Pharmacology
  • Circle rebreathing systems
  • Rapid Sequence Intubation
  • Anesthesia delivery systems
  • Vaporizers and volatile agents
  • Minimum Alveolar Concentration (MAC)
  • Airway assessment and Pre-op assessment
  • General, Spinal, Regional and Local anesthesia

You will be tested on these topics along with many anesthesia questions for respiratory therapists that you'll certainly be tested on upcoming exams...