Question Categories

Ventilator Management

For respiratory therapists, managing critical care or chronic patients on ventilators is a mainstay. Knowing, understanding and applying concepts of mechanical ventilation in a safe and practical manner is a must. The RRT questions that follow in this category will put your mechanical ventilation knowledge to the test. This section will cover a large area of practical mechanical ventilation questions that you will very likely see on several future exams.

In this section, you will find RRT test questions related to the following:

  • PEEP application
  • Apnea and alarms
  • Weaning parameters
  • Modes of ventilation
  • Interpreting blood gases
  • Compliance and Resistance
  • Ventilator waveform interpretation
  • Invasive and Non-invasive ventilation
  • Ventilation calculations and equations
  • High Frequency Oscillatory and Jet Ventilation

You will be tested on these topics along with many other mechanical ventilation respiratory therapy questions that you'll certainly be tested on upcoming exams...